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Anthony Icuagu

The Road To Jack Back - Documentary Short
This Beatport documentary which premiered in march of 2019 at the Miami Winter Music Conference, focuses on how David Guetta spent his early years of DJ’ing mainly in clubs playing deep underground house music.
Coming Soon
Artist, Jimmy Robert performs different choreographies in the urban space of Bucharest together with five queer performers.  In a conservative country like Romania, where the queer body is almost erased from public space, “Cruising” is an act of resistance that undermines the power of politics and religion.
All The Way Up - Web Mini Series
In the bite-sized episodes of this comedy series written and directed by Paul Cless and Matthias Ludwig, strange things happen to the residents of a building while we watch the events unfold in it's perpetually occupied elevator. 
coming soon
The Gallery - Short
Short film starring Giovana Nodari. Written and directed by Silvia Cannarozzi.
The 2021 European Film Awards - Behind the scenes
Get to know the backstage of and people behind the 34th European Film Awards.
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