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Anthony Icuagu

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Barcode Mask 0-4 screenshot.png
Crush + Alexandra Ungureanu - Nu am aripi (Official Video) 1-54 screenshot.png
Xonia - I Want Cha ft. J. Balvin (Official Music Video) 1-33 screenshot.png
Beatport 1-39 screenshot.png
Monolink Live set - Beatport x Dessert Live Stream _ _Beatport Live 2-32 screenshot.png
The Humans - Goodbye - Romania - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018 0-55
Beatport 0-29 screenshot.png
Taxi feat. R&D - NonStop [Official Video HD] 1-54 screenshot.png
Xonia feat Sonny Flame - Jiggling (Official Video) 1-11 screenshot.png
The 34th European Film Awards - Behind the scenes 0-18 screenshot.png
▶ Play Safe Mask
▶ The Stay Strong Brothers
ACTIMEL, Ad Content
▶ Monolink, TV Tower 
BEATPORT, Livestream
▶ European Film Awards, Berlin
European Film Academy, Behind the scenes featurette
▶ Aripi, Crush
Roton, Music Video
▶ I watcha, Xonia, J.Balvin 
Universal Music R., Music video
▶ Goodbye, The Humans 
Winner, Eurovision Song Contest Romania
▶ Pro Link 
BEATPORT, Commercial
▶ Jiggle, Xonia, Sonny Flame
Universal Music R., Music Video
▶ Barcode Singlet 
Barcode, Commercial
▶ Non Stop, Taxi 
Media Pro, Music Video
▶ Veganuary, Jimi
Lieferando, cooking show
▶ Beginner Link
BEATPORT , Commercial
▶ Drog Letal, Roxana Nemes
Cat Music , Music Video
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